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15. Demonstration of a Simple 40,000 Volt Faraday Cup Modulator Concept

The demonstration model in this picture generates a decaying 40,000 volt exponential with a 5 second cycle time. The waveforms show the decay followed by a rapid recharge. There are multiple methods of generating an exponential decaying voltage potential but the challenge is how to do it simply and with low power. The solution in this case was to use a passive decay with a precision resistors and capacitors capable of swamping the sensor capacitance. The network is charged precisely to 40,000 volts and then the power supply is actively shunted to allow for the precision discharge. In the series of pictures, the upper left picture shows the series resistor associated with the active shunt. The 4 circular cavities each operate at 10,000 volts and houses the shunt system and precision RC network plus the shunt drive transformer (orange circles on the outside of each housing). One critical element enabling this approach is the series of 4 shunt transformers. The yellow burst waveform in the scope picture is the drive voltage activating each of the 4 shunts. See Picture 16 for more discussion



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