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16. Testing a 50,000 Volt Distributed Reluctance Transformer

The key invention leading to the shunt modulator shown in Picture 15 is the distributed reluctance transformer shown in this series of pictures. The four transformers in this design share a single turn primary consisting of a 50 kV high voltage cable threaded sequentially through the center of each tranformer. In turn, each transformer drops 10,000 volts for a total of 40,000 volts across the entire shunt. The picture in the upper right and lower left show the LEDís illuminated demonstrating that the distributed reluctance approach works with each stage developing 12 volts. When the oscillator (see waveform in Picture 15) is ON the transformers are active and the shunt is active and the exponential decay begins. When the oscillator is OFF, the shunt turns OFF and the voltage recovers to 40,000 volts.



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