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17. 50,000 Volt Vacuum Isolated Transformer Concept

One of the key challenges for ultra-high voltage pickup ion spectrometers is generation of floating control voltages required to operate the sensor electronics at 50,000 volts above ground potential. The traditional method is to use a standard tranformer with a dielectric medium capable of providing the required voltage isolation. The challenge at 50,000 volts is especially difficult due to the need for a design margins in the range of 1.5X or 2X. The coaxial transformer in the picture uses a different approach that takes advantage of using a single turn primary combined with resonant drive. With a single turn, it is possible to contol the electric field inside of the coaxial cylinder such that the primary is grounded while the cylinder and associated transformer float at 50,000 volts. The spacers used in the picture are simply used to control the geometry during testing. In the real transformer, the grounded primary is held in place with a fixture that centers the tube. Thus, the field control can be implemented in a way that takes advantage of a standard coaxial geometry operating in vacuum. Performance was very good with 14 watts delivered at 83 percent efficiency.



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