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50. PicSpec Brassboard -100,000 Volt Power Module

This brassboard configuration of the PicSpec high voltage system is designed to mount on an 8 inch vacuum flange for testing of the sensor under vacuum. It is driven by the power electronics and control module next to the unit and also shown in picture 23. The unit provides a floating potential of -100,000 volts to the sensor and also transmits 10 watts of DC power across the -100,000 volt interface. The left hand picture shows the cascaded low voltage transformer isolation stages (unpotted configuration) where each transformer progressively provides 25 kV of voltage isolation. The right hand picture shows the high voltage module (fully potted) in the vertical configuration being operated at -100,000 volts. The torus is used for testing in air and is removed when the unit is attached to the vacuum flange.



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