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179. AIM-CIP High Voltage Power Supply

Top side view of AIM-CIP High Voltage Power Supply built in conjunction with Jackson & Tull under contract to LASP at the University of Colorado. This is a miniaturized dual HV power supply with two programmable MCP outputs up to 1000 volts, with a floating Phosphor output at 6000 volts above each MCP voltage.

There are also two gating voltages that switch between +40 volts and -200 volts. The high voltage multipliers can be seen on the two edges of the PC board with the miniature high voltage transformers toward the middle. The small size of this dual unit can be determined from the dimensions of the PC board which are 3.5 inches along the short edge and 6.5 inches along the long edge. The unit has high voltage shields and is Parylene coated. Total mass for the dual unit is approximately 300 grams.



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